About Staedion

Staedion is one of the ten biggest housing corporations in the Netherlands and is the biggest housing corporation in The Hague. An important part of our mission is to provide housing options for people with a low or medium income, vulnerable people, starters and senior citizens. Staedion is a housing corporation that does more than just rent houses. 

  • We will maintain and improve our current housing stock.  
  • We will continue to provide affordable housing options for tenants with low incomes.  
  • We will act to lighten the burden on the environment.  
  • We will contribute towards creating a pleasant residential environment and a society in which there are opportunities for everyone.  

32,135 homes for rent
We rent more than 32,000 homes and 4000 business premises, shops, garages and parking spaces. We have 441 employees and an annual operating income of almost 210 million euros. For more information, take a look at our key figures. Download our corporate brochure.

Staedion is a company in motion. We are involved in everything that is happening in The Hague. We work closely together with the municipality, social organisations and numerous other partners. Together we ensure that everyone has access to a suitable home – including those who need care or intensive support.